Aircraft Management

Owning and maintaining an aircraft can require valuable time away from your busy schedule.

OAS will manage your aircraft on a daily basis, keeping your aircraft available for flight and allow

you the opportunity to travel when you desire. 

Enjoy the benefits of owning your own aircraft without the hassle of the administrative, regulatory and operational mandates that are required to keep your aircraft airworthy.  Optimal Aviation Services, LLC has an agreement and professional affiliation for many years with Aircraft Mechanical Services, Inc. (AMS, Inc.), and AMS Avionics, Inc. to maintain all of our King Air aircraft.  The trust we have in their services is unmatched.

AMS, Inc. turbine mechanics are Beech Factory trained and highly skilled aircraft maintenance professionals.  AMS, Inc. is also located at the Visalia Municipal Airport.

We will manage your aircraft so that you may benefit from the maximum utilization of your aircraft.

    *    OAS provides pilot services for managed aircraft and for other private aircraft owners that may need a               
          temporary relief pilot

    *    OAS provides full-time line service

    *    Operational control of your aircraft

    *    Trip scheduling and ground transportation coordination

    *    Flight tracking

    *    Maintenance scheduling

    *    Fueling (for hangar tenants)

    *    Flight record keeping and regulatory reporting

    *    Accounting service

    *    Charter marketing services